Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tinder, Bat-Villain Style

So you guys know what Tinder is right? Good.
Well imagine for a second what a typical Tinder profile would look like if it belonged to some members of Batman's rogues gallery.

Imagine no more because I found some, and their as funny you'd think they'd be.....

Well, props to them for being brave enough to post their actual ages, and yes those ages are EXACTLY how old they'd really be based off when they first debuted.

Now the first Clayface was Basil Karlo , and he'd be 78 this year, whereas the Matt Hagen version debuted in 1961, thus he'd be 57. And yes, I'm aware he's a good guy....for now, and his profile seems to reflect that...well kind of. I mean he doesn't list Law and Order, Batman and Robin or Arkham Asylum in his dislikes list, so there's that I guess.

Stay tuned in and I'll probably post some more when I come across them.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Pow! Right in her Excelsior!

So I'm sure by now this is kind of old news to some of you out there, maybe not to some others, but it appears as though Stan "The Man" Lee is the latest in an increasingly long list of celebrities to be accused of sexual harassment.

                                                       Yes that's right, THIS Stan Lee....

Apparently he's being sued by a nursing company, claiming Stan groped the nurses there to care for him inappropriately and solicited oral sex from them as well as wanting to be "pleasured in his bedroom."

Stan of course denies the allegations, with his lawyer, Tom Lallas, saying that Stan's being blackmailed and extorted for money.

If you want, you can read an article about by Fortune.com in the link below:

Ok so if this one's true...shit.....I mean the poor guy's 95, a year or so removed from the death of his wife, why can't the co-creator of Spider-Man and Thor getting a happy ending?

Otherwise, if there's no official police complaint/report having been filed, then all this really is is a shameless ploy to scam from free $ from the poor guy.

On the other hand......

That Stan. Kindly uncle one minute, ruthless pimp the next.

Yes you do Stan....yes you do.

'Nuff 'Said....

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Iron Cock Fist

To be fair, that is a pretty legit question. If he had to or if he wanted really to impress Misty, could he turn into Iron Cock?

You want to in weigh in here Joe Quesada? Tom Brevoort? Stan?

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Now why can't we have THIS Namor back?

I mean I believe now more than ever since Trump's prez and gives absolutely no fucks about the environment, Namor's EXACTLY the type of guy needed to put him in check.
And he'd do it through the only way Trump understands; corporate attack.

John Byrne was definitely ahead of his time with this concept.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

"STOP! Black Bolt Time!"

Is there really anything Black Bolt CAN'T DO!?

(Well, besides convincing fans that the Inhumans can easily replace the X-Men that is)

Monday, January 08, 2018

Here's some hot memes to keep you warm...

And fuck  is it ever cold! Well at least it is on the southern end of the East Coast. Christ it's cold!

It's the type of weather only die-hard Chemiatophiles (people with an obsessive love of the cold/cold things) like Captain Cold and Mr. Freeze can appreciate.

Not me brah. We usually get mild winter weather in my neck of the woods, but lately it's been cold enough actually snow and coat the ground and stay(Which hasn't happened around here since '05)
I'm talking about it easily being in the low 20's to high teens at night, and only maybe cracking just above freezing during the day. Thankfully it's going to start warming up here after today, eventually and hopefully hitting the 60's by Friday.

So primarily because of that, I haven't really taking any skit pics, or written anything. Well that and just not feeling doing the regular grind anymore when it comes to blogging these days. Last year was my last attempt at maintaining anything resembling a regular weekly schedule. Not no more. Nope this year I'm taking things nice and easy, and letting my growing apathy take the wheel. I guess that's like Jesus's lazy brother?

I did buy the first two Marvel Legends/Action figures of the year already though, as I recently purchased the Black Bolt and Namor figures that came in this year's first wave of ML Wave of 2018, the Black Panther Movie wave.

Sure, I didn't REALLY need another Namor figure, but the combination of it being an updated version of his classic, green trunks look that I've been wanting for awhile, and a second, bearded head, pretty much sold me on him. Don't really know why they included that particular look, but I guess now collectors can re-enact the Human Torch curing him of his amnesia, circa Fantastic Four#4.

As for Black Bolt, no explanation needed here. He's a really solid figure, and a hell of a lot better than the one that Hasbro first put out back in 2009.

                                                                      Yeah, it was that bad. 

Fortunately this the same one from the SDCC exclusive Thanos Imperative box-set, just painted in his classic comic book blue look. Personally I like the black Thanos Imperative version, but beggars can't be choosers.

I was seriously on the fence on whether or not I'd get the Iron Man/Ironheart armor figure, and I think that's primarily for the modern Tony Stark head that comes with it.

 Idk, probably ultimately pass it on like I am the rest of wave.

 The unmasked movie BP head does look more like actor Chadwick Boseman than the previous movie BP figure from the Captain America Civil War movie wave, but still I'll pass on it just the same since I really don't feel that overall it's better than that CW figure.

Anyhoo I did promise you some hot memes, and if you're a fan of pro-wrestling like I am, you'll dig these even more.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018


                                                                  Ha ha. #SickBurn

We need a rebuttal from the GODDAMN Batman on this.

Tinder, Bat-Villain Style

So you guys know what Tinder is right? Good. Well imagine for a second what a typical Tinder profile would look like if it belonged to so...